Minor improvements are always on-going. Any major improvements or new features will be listed here

2015-06-19: Added translation and station info options. Reports now include units of measurement

2016-08-05: Added SSL cert to enable https connections

2016-09-14: New API and major backend overhaul. Introducing a more sensible API with clearer endpoints. Don't worry; the old endpoints will still work. The core library is the same, but I've redesigned the architecture to be faster and more scalable. Small note: default format has been switched from XML to JSON

2016-10-01: Added parse endpoint so users can run their own reports through the AVWX Engine

2016-11-21: Added YAML to the list of supported formats

2017-04-19: Added speech option (METAR only). New beta endpoints for api.ai (Google Home) and Amazon Alexa services

2017-05-14: Reimplemented with the redesigned core library now available on PyPI

2017-11-14: Report options no longer stack making for a cleaner API. New backend caching system

2017-12-17: Added onfail param. Added Meta info in response

2017-12-23: Added translations for common remarks elements

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