Aviation Weather REST API


Current surface conditions at an airport or other reporting location that updates every hour or earlier


Inflight 24-hour forecast for an area within 5nm of an airport or other reporting station that updates every six hours


Inflight observations meant to aid controllers and pilots routing around adverse conditions and others of note

Station Info

Station data includes name, idents, coordinates, runways, and other useful fields

Coordinate Search

Reports and stations can be returned nearest a coordinate pair

Reliable Sources

Most reports are pulled from aviationweather.gov, the official source for aviation weather for pilots in the US, but support exists for additional sources on a regional basis. Station information is compiled from OurAirports

Data Analysis

Reports are sanitized eliminating common errors with manual entry. Flight rules are calculated for each time period in the report. Additional features like value interpretation, translation, and text-to-speech are available per element and for the report as a whole


Parsed reports are returned in JSON, XML, or YAML format, which can be imported into any language on any platform. Great for battery-conscientious mobile and IoT applications


API docs are available on Apiary


All parsing and server code is available on GitHub for security audits. Pull requests are welcome


The AVWX REST API is a publicly-available REST API for aviation weather. The service organizes METAR, TAF, PIREP, and other report types into their individual elements and returns them in JSON, XML, or YAML format. It does a considerable amount of error correction so that your report is as clean and thorough as possible. It has additional services like providing station information, translating the report into English, and creating summary strings meant to be read or spoken. For more details, check out the documentation.


AVWX offers three pricing tiers: hobby, professional, and enterprise. The basic METAR and TAF parsing services are free, but other features require token authentication associated with monthly or yearly paid plans. Check out the pricing guide for more information.

Additionally, the developer will gladly accept donations if a monthly plan is not an option. Thank you in advance!

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About Me

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a pilot, software developer, and tech meetup organizer based in Orlando, FL. You can find more of my projects at mdupont.com.


Bugs? Comments? Feature Requests? Are you using the API and want your project to be featured? Email me at avwx@dupont.dev.

Who uses AVWX?

The parser itself has been field-tested and in use since September 2014. It was originally made for a Raspberry Pi IoT project, but was eventually made available as a public API. I've been contacted by flight schools, research institutions, and many mobile and desktop application developers. Here are a few of my favorite projects using AVWX.

AVWX on Duck Duck Go - Example mobile card
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AeroLink - All-in-one flight app for South America
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FleetCaptain - Flight school fleet management
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